Spreader Line

Top Quality Drop Spreaders for Small Farms, Farmettes, and Large-Property Owners

If saving time, reducing cost, and precise application are important considerations for you, then consider a Conestoga Manufacturing Drop Spreader.

Our spreaders are built to last and perfect for all-season applications. Instead of buying multiple spreaders for multiple materials, you can buy one Conestoga Drop Spreader and use it all year long! Perfect for lime, salt, sand, fertilizer, and more, our spreaders are easy to use! Simply hitch it to your tractor and go. Whether you’re priming your fields with lime and fertilizer or managing the winter weather with salt and sand, a Conestoga Drop Spreader is your best — and longest lasting — choice!

With three models from which to choose and standard features that ensure durability, accuracy, and ease of use, we’re sure there is a Conestoga Drop Spreader that is just right for your needs. Learn more about our models and features. To place an order, please call  855-822-1976 or click here.