Conestoga Drop Spreaders are designed for daily use and built from durable, high-quality materials. Each Conestoga Drop Spreader is perfect for lime, salt, sand, fertilizer, and more.

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Standard Features:

  • Manual Applicator: Easy to adjust gauge controls material dispersion rate. Accurate for fertilizer, and sturdy for lime.
  • Lid: Conestoga’s drop spreaders feature a lid that reduces spillage and prevents moisture from entering the box. Less spillage helps conserve your materials, and moisture prevention contributes to the spreader’s longevity.
  • Agitator: Conestoga’s hard-wearing agitator minimizes material bridging.
  • Wide Turf Tires: Minimizes tracks and ruts on turf, specialized surfaces, and mud with wide turf tires.
  • Extendable and Adjustable Hitch: Accommodate a variety of pulling options with an adjustable and extendable hitch.


  • Stainless steel box construction is also available. To discuss this enhancement, please call  855-822-1976.


Drop Spreader Standard Specifications
Model # DSC-4800 DSC-6000 DSC-7200 Box Width: 48″ 60″ 72″ Overall Width: 68″ 82″ 94″ Overall Length: 48″ 52″ 54″ Weight w/Tires 400 lbs. 425 lbs. 575 lbs. Lime Capacity 500 lbs. 850 lbs. 1150 lbs. Tire Size 16.5 x 6.5 x 8 4-hole 18 x 8.5 x 8 4-hole 16.5 x 6.5 x 8 4-hole

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